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The BoardProspects' Corporate Subscription allows your board to search all year long through the more than 17,000 highly-regarded Individual Members of the BoardProspects community.


The BoardProspects search algorithm allows your board and its nominating committee to identify board candidates from the BoardProspects community based on your board's desired criteria: skill-sets, industry expertise, board/committee/officer experience, diversity, geography and more.


Your BoardProspects' Radar page allows your board and nominating committee to manage the recruitment process and keep track of those candidates you have identified within the BoardProspects community as well as those candidates you have already identified through the "who do you know?" board recruitment conversation.


The "Missing Perspectives" feature allows you to understand the perspectives currently represented on your board and consider what perspectives you may be missing.


The Visibility Settings within your BoardProspects' Corporate Subscription allow you to keep your account completely private. Your corporation can choose to be anonymous on BoardProspects and it will not interfere with your ability to recruit potential board members.


A dedicated BoardProspects account representative will provide advice and consultation regarding the entire board recruitment process, including board composition, compensation and the appointment/election process.