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David Tusa

"The process of board recruitment has become much more efficient, targeted and cost effective through the use of!  We just recruited our next board member from more than 14,000 top-level board candidates within the BoardProspects community. Their innovative and cost-effective platform allowed us to easily identify, assess and recruit a phenomenal board member. We are very pleased and will use BoardProspects for future searches."

David Tusa, President, CEO and Board Member, Sharps Compliance Corp. (NASDAQ: SMED)

Corporate Membership

Corporations have a 95% success rate recruiting board members through BoardProspects.

BoardProspects is an extremely cost-effective resource for publicly-traded and private corporations to identify, assess and recruit world-class board members, executives and industry leaders to their board of directors or advisory board.

Corporate Membership

Why BoardProspects?...

Board recruitment should always be based upon the fundamental premise that the company, and its stakeholders, deserve to have the very best people possible around the boardroom table. This means recruiting individuals who can add value to the company through their own skill-sets and experiences.

  • What about retaining an executive recruitment firm?
    There are several executive recruitment firms which offer board recruitment services. The problem is that these firms can charge up to $150,000 for such services. In addition, due to potential conflicts with their other clients and ongoing searches, the firm may not put certain candidates before the company – even if those individuals happen to be the best candidates possible for the company’s board.
  • What about the "who do you know?" board recruitment conversation?
    Due to the high costs of retaining an executive recruitment firm, most companies today rely upon the "who do you know?" conversation to identify and recruit their next board member. The problem with this process is that it is limited to the personal networks of the company’s executives and existing board members -- and assumes that the best board candidates possible are among those personal networks. BoardProspects was created to provide companies with an easy-to-use and cost-effective resource to identify, assess and recruit world-class board members to their board of directors or advisory board.

How Does it Work?...

  • BoardProspects Corporate Membership how it works - Identify

    1. Identify

    You can search the BoardProspects community to identify candidates by various criteria, including: skill-sets, industry, board experience, company, schools, geography, gender, race, etc.
  • BoardProspects Corporate Membership how it works - Assess

    2. Assess

    Our unique assessment tools allow you to do a "deep-dive" on prospective candidates – so you can ensure you are recruiting the right individual(s) for your board.
  • BoardProspects Corporate Membership how it works - Recruit

    3. Recruit

    When you are ready, you can reach out to prospective candidates to gauge their interest in joining your board. The platform is designed to allow these discussions to take place on or off of the platform.

Who are the Board Candidates?...

Corporations can recruit board members and advisory board members from our prestigious community of board members, operating executives and world-renowned industry leaders, such as:

  • Melanie Healey

    Melanie Healey

    Member of the Board of Directors at Hilton Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: HLT), Target(NYSE: TGT). Member since 2017
  • Clayton Rose

    Clayton Rose

    President of Bowdoin College and member of the Board of Directors at Bank of America(NYSE: MER- K). Member since 2014
  • Nelda Connors

    Nelda Connors

    Member of the Board of Directors at Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX), Delphi Technologies(NYSE: DLPH) and Echo Global Logistics(NASDAQ: ECHO). Member since 2018
  • Ralph de la Vega

    Ralph de la Vega

    Member of the Board of Directors at American Express (NYSE: AXP) and New York Life. Member since 2017
  • Wendy Lee Schoppert

    Wendy Lee Schoppert

    Member of the Board of Directors at The Hershey Co. (NYSE: HSY), Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE: BIG) and Gaia, Inc. (NASDAQ: GAIA). Member since 2018
  • Perry Traquina

    Perry Traquina

    Member of the Board of Directors at Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) and Allstate(NYSE: ALL). Member since 2015
  • Irene Chang Britt

    Irene Chang Britt

    Member of the Board of Directors at Dunkin' Brands(NASDAQ: DNKN) and Tailored Brands, Inc. (NYSE: TLRD). Member since 2016
  • Mohamad Ali

    Mohamad Ali

    President and CEO at Carbonite (NASDAQ: CARB) and member of the Board of Directors at iRobot(NASDAQ: IRBT). Member since 2014
  • Sean Aggarwal

    Sean Aggarwal

    Member of the Board of Directors at Lyft and Arlo Technologies (NYSE: ARO). Member since 2017
  • Gerri Elliott

    Gerri Elliott

    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and Board Member at Whirlpool(NYSE: WHR), Imperva(NASDAQ: IMPV) and Marvell Technology(NASDAQ: MRVL). Member since 2015
  • Shan Atkins

    Shan Atkins

    Member of the Board of Directors at Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI), SunOpta(NASDAQ: STKL), SpartanNash(NASDAQ: SPTN). Member since 2015
  • Shane Kim

    Shane Kim

    CEO at GameStop, Inc. (NYSE: GME). Member since 2017

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