Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Joining BoardProspects?

BoardProspects is for all current and prospective board members as well as non-profit, private and publicly-traded companies.
BoardProspects offers more than just the potential opportunity to be recruited to serve on a board of directors or advisory board. As a member of the BoardProspects community you will have access to the latest boardroom news, information, best practices, and educational resources that are critical to
Yes. BoardProspects is designed to provide a valuable user experience for nonprofit, private and publicly-traded companies.
The best boards are always looking for good board members. Even if the board of your corporation doesn’t have any current openings, things could change at any moment. As a member of BoardProspects your corporation is placing itself in the best possible position to fill an open board seat (be it planned or unexpected). As a member of BoardProspects, your corporation will access to the latest news, information, best practices and board development opportunities.
The competitive nature of board recruitment requires that boards always be searching for candidates who can add value in the boardroom. If a member of your board suddenly retires or steps-down from the board, do you already have candidates "on the radar" whom you can turn to in order to potentially fill that opening? BoardProspects provides the solution to that problem by providing effective and cost-effective tools to engage in the board-recruitment process year-round.

Account Management

1. Log in with the current email address.
2. Navigate to Profile -> Settings
3. Click "Change/Add" next to "Primary email address"
4. Add the new email address and validate it
5. Mark the new address as primary
6. Delete the old address
It depends on the type of corporation and what the corporation is looking for in terms of Prospect positions (Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Committee, Volunteers). For instance, if it is a small private company looking to form an Advisory Board, then the business owner will typically maintain the BoardProspects’ Profile and serve as the contact. If, however, the corporation is a nonprofit looking to fill open seats on the Board of Directors, then the contact could be someone from Management (CEO, Executive Director or someone who reports to that person) or a member of the Board — perhaps the Chair or someone from the Board’s Nominating Committee. Where management serves as the contact, the important thing is to make sure that there is open communication with the Board. For a Publicly-Traded Company, it is often the Corporate Secretary who will be the contact person.
Yes - your BoardProspects account can be anonymous such that your corporation is not visible on the platform and you can't be contacted by any of our Members. Your account administrator can adjust your corporation's "profile visibility" at any time through your corporation's settings. Perhaps you do not want your corporation's profile to be seen by any members or perhaps just want to be seen by members with publicly-traded company board experience. Being anonymous on the platform does not affect your corporations' ability to recruit board candidates.
Yes! You can have both an individual and corporate account on BoardProspects. You can switch between your individual and corporate accounts in your profile widget located at the top right of your page.
The account administrator is often the corporate secretary, chair of the board, or chair of the nominating committee. However, the account administrator can add additional account administrators at any time through their account settings. Account administrators are the only individuals who can actually reach out to an individual member to discuss a potential board opening. In addition, account administrators are the only individuals under an account who can post an open board position.
An account administrator can add "users" to their account at any time through their settings tab in the corporation's profile section. The users are most often the members of the nominating committee or the entire board of directors. Each user under your account has the ability to search for board candidates and add them to your Radar page.

Tools and Features

Just like your corporation, individual Members of BoardProspects can set their Profile Visibility such that they are anonymous on the platform. For example, they can adjust their settings such that they are not visible to any individual or corporate Members or they can adjust the settings such that they are only visible to publicly-traded corporations. If you know, and are interested, in a potential candidate who is a member of BoardProspects and he/she does not appear in your search results, ask them to adjust their profile visibility settings.
The Radar page is the home page for your corporation on BoardProspects. The Radar page lists the potential board candidates identified by your Account Administrator(s) and Users through their BoardProspects searches.
Many corporations spend a few moments at each board meeting discussing who is on their BoardProspects Radar, while other corporations leave it to the nominating committee to update the status of their BoardProspects Radar in their report to the full board.
No. In order to ensure that the board recruitment process is controlled and private, an individual member does not know the identity of a corporation which placed them on their Radar page. However, any individual member you place on your corporation's Radar page will receive an automated email from BoardProspects letting them know that they have been added to a corporate member's Radar. The identity of the corporate member is not disclosed. This email serves as a reminder to the individual member that they should make sure their BoardProspects' profile is up to date.
If a user can't find an ideal candidate among their search results on BoardProspects, they can save the search and choose to be alerted by BoardProspects once a Candidate with the search criteria becomes a Member.
Yes. In addition to providing your board with the ability to search for board candidates throughout the year, you can also post a board opening on BoardProspects. This posting is anonymous but is seen by a wider BoardProspects audience and allows you to screen candidates through an application process.
BoardRooms are private and secure forums which your corporation can set-up in order to share information and documents with your board members. In addition, the members in a BoardRoom can instant-message one another. Depending on your subscription level, you can set-up more than one BoardRoom (i.e. one for each of your board committees).
LinkedIn does not allow you to import the full profile to your BoardProspects profile, but it is does import some basic information. To add to your BoardProspects profile, you will need to manually edit to add more information.

About BoardProspects

No. BoardProspects is not a "database" or "director registry". BoardProspects is the largest boardroom community in the world. We do not "scrape" profiles from the internet. The individual members of BoardProspects have joined the platform on their own.
BoardProspects has more than 8,000 individual members and that number is growing each day. They include board members and chief executives from Fortune 100 companies, c-suite officers of publicly-traded corporations, accomplished executives, industry experts, former members of U.S. Congress, and retired military leaders. Although most of our individual members are from the U.S., there are individual members from more than 60 countries.


Your "Profile" strength is calculated based on how many sections are completed in the Profile. The percentages are explained in the Profile Details widget:
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Your "Public Profile" is used when a non-BoardProspects member wants to see your Profile. Under the Profile section, there is a Public Profile sub-tab which shows what your Public Profile will look like:
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Also on the right-hand side of that sub-tab you can check what sections to be shown on the Public Profile:
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