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BoardProspects' innovative platform offers for-profit corporations of all sizes a cost-effective way to identify, assess, and recruit board members

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What BoardProspects brings to the table:

Direct Access to Elite Candidates

Connect with seasoned boardroom leaders and rising talent from our application-only community

Search Tool with 20+ Filters

Hone in on ideal candidates using filters like skill set, industry, board/committee experience, gender, ethnicity, title, international experience, dates available for board meetings

Intuitive Recruitment Tools

Expand your network, build and track lists of candidates to develop a pipeline of board-ready leaders

Board Opportunity Postings

Share details about your open role and invite qualified candidates to apply; easily evaluate applicants using filters

Top Governance Headlines & Insights

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in corporate governance and board appointments


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“BoardProspects is a disruptive force in board recruitment.”

"Hibbett Sports successfully recruited its most recent board member through BoardProspects, and we are now using their tools and features to establish a board recruitment pipeline."

Chairman at Hibbett Sports (NASDAQ: HIBB)

We know exactly who you're looking for.

Below are just a few of the thousands of board candidates you can reach through BoardProspects, demonstrating the amazing diversity of perspective and depth of experience in our community from both seasoned boardroom leaders and rising talent:

Pascal Desroches

CFO at AT&T;
board member at Davita

member since 2017
Amy Weaver

CFO at Salesforce; board member at McDonald’s

member since 2019
Alex Gorsky

Former Chairman and CEO at Johnson & Johnson; board member at Apple, IBM

member since 2022
Regina Benjamin, MD

Former U.S. Surgeon General; board member at CPSI

member since 2021
Yie-Hsin Hung

President and CEO of State Street Global Advisors

member since 2020
Thasunda Duckett


member since 2020

Who are BoardProspects candidates?

Our community includes highly engaged, top-tier executives with extensive P&L experience, thought leaders & domain experts, retired government & military officials, higher education professionals, and more.

Candidates in our  Database
Members in our Community
Sitting Directors Representing 10k+ Boardrooms
of Members are from Underrepresented Groups

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“An easy, cost-effective way to drive great results for boards seeking highly qualified candidates.”

"In the past, Kiavi used referral and networking to source potential Board candidates. BoardProspects helped us cast a wider net economically and efficiently. As a result, we successfully sourced two new board members."

Lead Independent Director at Kiavi, Inc.

Who's using BoardProspects?

From the Fortune 500 to growing startups, family-run businesses to hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital firms, our corporate subscribers share our core belief that their shareholders, customers, employees, and communities deserve to have the absolute best people possible around the boardroom table.


Gain unprecedented access to a diverse and accomplished pool of board candidates, streamlining your search for exceptional directors who perfectly align with your organization's goals.

The platform empowers you to identify, engage, and recruit top-tier board talent effortlessly through our advanced matching algorithm, which ensures you connect with individuals possessing the precise expertise, skills, and industry experience required to drive your company forward.

Say goodbye to time-consuming traditional recruitment methods and elevate your boardroom with visionary directors who will amplify your organization's success.

Sitting Directors & Boards

BoardProspects is your strategic partner in enhancing board composition and effectiveness.

Engage with a dynamic community of experienced and aspiring board directors, ensuring that your boardroom reflects a rich blend of perspectives and skills. The platform's comprehensive candidate profiles enable you to identify and evaluate potential directors who possess the specific qualities your board requires.

Whether you're addressing succession planning, seeking specialized expertise, or fostering diversity, BoardProspects offers tools to build a strong candidate pipeline.


By partnering with BoardProspects, you gain direct access to a rich pool of skilled and experienced board candidates who can steer your portfolio companies toward profitability and growth.

The platform's unique features empower you to seamlessly identify and connect with board directors with the industry-specific knowledge and strategic insights growing companies need.

Your corporate subscription covers unlimited searches and opportunity postings with no success fees – perfect for pipeline-building with multiple portfolio companies.

BoardRoom Resource Partners.

Our BoardRoom Resource Partners are best-in-class service providers who offer our corporate and individual members with access to their thought leadership materials.

Audit Committee
Board Credentialing
Personal Cybersecurity & Identity Theft Protection
Technology Governance, Risk & Compliance

BoardProspects Publications.

Board Recruitment.

Avail yourself of the curated expert perspectives and comprehensive breakdown of significant board appointments from the past month inside Board Recruitment, BoardProspects' flagship monthly e-publication.

Our goal is to empower you to make informed, strategic decisions in board recruitment, leverage expert perspectives and relevant data to refine your approach and enhance your board's composition, and gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of board recruitment.

Other Members-Only Publications:

The Member Report

A comprehensive breakdown of Moves (executive and board appointments) from our community, as well as a showcase of our new members from the past 30 days

Week in Review

Along with a brief daily rollup, you'll receive a carefully curated Week in Review digest of the top news & appointments, delivered straight to your inbox

What our subscribers say.

Take it from our corporate subscribers: BoardProspects is an efficient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective alternative to traditional board recruitment methods.

The process of board recruitment has become much more efficient, targeted and cost effective through BoardProspects! The platform allowed us to easily identify, assess and recruit a phenomenal board member.”
david tusa
CEO at Sharps Compliance Corp. (NASDAQ: SMED)
Through BoardProspects, we successfully recruited a world-class advisory board for our company. It was truly amazing to be able to cost-effectively recruit individuals of this caliber who add real value to our continued growth.”
melanie o'neil
Co-Founder at Rustic Marlin Inc.
Because of BoardProspects, our board was able to go far beyond where a search firm would have taken us in terms of finding diverse board candidates.”
Board Member at Ocwen (NASDAQ: OCGN)
Thanks to BoardProspects' innovative platform, we were able to identify and appoint a tremendous new board member whose technical background greatly complements our growth strategy.”
CFO at Amtech Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS)
“We had an excellent experience with BoardProspects when conducting our recent search for two new external board members. While we had originally considered going through a large recruitment firm, we tried this more cost-effective option and were able to source two tremendous board members through the site over an incredibly short timeframe!”
Chief of Staff AT Chemonics International, Inc.
“I have the responsibility of ensuring Atlas Holdings is able to attract the very best talent possible for our portfolio company boards and management teams. BoardProspects has proven to be an outstanding platform from which to identify and recruit top-level talent for our boards.”
Chief Talent Officer AT Atlas Holdings
“When our board made the decision to add an independent director, we elected to use BoardProspects and were able to source 9 very qualified candidates. We evaluated and interviewed the candidates and are excited to have added a very promising new director to our board. BoardProspects helped us cast a wide net and made the process efficient and easy.”
douglas donahue
Chairman at Ethos Veterinary Health
“BoardProspects turned out to be a great tool to find an excellent new board member with a specific background quickly and efficiently.”
Juergen Stark
Chairman & CEO at Turtle Beach, Inc. (NASDAQ: HEAR)
“BoardProspects has been a wonderful instrument for Blackford Capital in our recruitment of experienced individuals for our open board positions. BoardProspects has saved me time and recruiting dollars.”
Director of Human Resources at Blackford Capital
“We would not have come across our amazing new board members without BoardProspects. They turned what seemed like a daunting task into a simple and efficient process.”
bernie veldman
CEO at Dienen, Inc.
“With BoardProspects, [we are] able to put out a wider net and reach different communities, and ultimately better diversify ... it’s a much more efficient search. You get to know people much quicker.”
bob rivers
Chairman & CEO at Eastern Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBC)

Find your next board member – for free.

Post your open board seat on BoardProspects and gain access to the most elite social network in the world.

Opportunities receive an average of 150+ applications from our exceptional community of board talent.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the terms of a corporate subscription?

The annual corporate subscription fee starts at $15,000.

The average fee to retain an executive recruitment firm for a board search often exceeds $100,000 – per board member.

Your BoardProspects subscription covers one year of unlimited searches and appointments. There are no success fees.

Do you have enough candidates with the credentials we're seeking?

Schedule a demo and let us show you the amazing depth of diversity among the thousands of board candidates within the BoardProspects community.

We don’t have any current board openings. Why should our company subscribe to BoardProspects?

More than 75% of new corporate subscribers to BoardProspects do not have a current board opening.

The majority of corporate board seats which become available each year are unplanned (health issues, conflicts of interest, new commitments, etc.). It is critical that nominating committees stay active year-round building a pipeline of potential board candidates.

The BoardProspects platform provides all the tools and resources to create, maintain and track a list of candidates from our community who will add value to your board when an opening becomes available.

Can BoardProspects help our growing company form an Advisory Board?

Yes. The BoardProspects platform will not only help you identify and connect with world-class advisory board members and provide a sample agreement, but it will also help identify the appropriate compensation of such members and the overall structure for the advisory board meetings (ex. agenda, and length/frequency of meetings).

Are candidates interested in board roles with small private companies?

Yes. Although a small number of our candidates (less than 2%) limit themselves to board opportunities with publicly traded corporations, the overwhelming majority of our board candidates are interested in board opportunities with private corporations, including startups.

What makes BoardProspects different than an executive recruitment firm?

Cost. The average fee to retain an executive recruitment firm for a board search often exceeds $100,000 – per board member. The subscription to BoardProspects is a fraction of the fees charged by an executive recruitment firm, and we do not charge success fees.

Engagement. The retention of an executive recruitment firm for a board search is episodic. BoardProspects engages your Nominating Committee throughout the year to not only keep you apprised of board composition trends within your industry, but also help you build a board candidate pipeline -- both of which are considered corporate governance best practices.

Many larger corporations leverage both an executive recruitment firm and a corporate subscription to BoardProspects to mitigate the risk of relying solely upon any one source to find the right board candidate. The nominating committees of these corporations use our platform throughout the year to create a list of potential board candidates from our community. When a corporation is ready to retain an executive recruitment firm for a board search, the nominating committee can provide the firm with a report from BoardProspects which lists the candidates the committee has already identified through our community.

Why shouldn't we solely recruit from our own network?

At BoardProspects, effective board recruitment is based on the fundamental premise that a company and its stakeholders deserve to have the absolute best people possible around the boardroom table.

The “who do you know?” conversation has substantial downsides, one being that it severely limits the board candidate pool to the networks of the current board members.

In addition to often thinking (and looking like) the board member who recruited them, this process can also result in conflicted loyalties — ie. is the new board member more loyal to the board member who recruited them, or to the stakeholders?

Can our company remain anonymous on BoardProspects?

Yes. We understand that corporations may not want to reveal their identity on our platform. Therefore, corporations have the option to remain completely anonymous and only reveal themselves to the candidate(s) when they are ready.

“Year-round insight into the board recruitment landscape.”

"The BoardProspects platform provides our Nominating Committee with year-round insight into the board recruitment landscape and gives us the tools we need to be much more proactive and forward-thinking when it comes to board succession. We would absolutely recommend BoardProspects to our colleagues in the corporate director world.“

Nominating Committee Chair at Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS)

Building better boards for today.

BoardProspects is the premier board recruitment solution for public and private companies.

Founded in 2010, our innovative platform offers for-profit corporations of all sizes a cost-effective way to identify, assess, and recruit board members from a prestigious community of highly-regarded and credentialed board members, c-suite executives, and thought leaders.

At BoardProspects, effective board recruitment is based on the fundamental premise that a company and its stakeholders deserve to have the absolute best people possible around the boardroom table.